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Nancy Fraser, LMBT #8236

MA #78906

Certified Therapeutic Massage and Body Worker


Certified in Prenatal Massage

“Getting a massage from Nancy is an extraordinary treat. Nancy is skilled and thorough, but her work is far greater than just her skill. Her intuition and sensitivity to one’s being and body are extraordinary, her love for her work and for people is evident in everything she does, and her own depth and compassion all make for an amazing massage experience. I always feel as though I can just disappear on Nancy’s table. But when the massage is over, I feel more “here” than ever-relaxed, settled, and whole.”

~ Cynthia Sprau

  (Owner Sprau Small Business Performance)

Nancy Fraser

is a Board Certified Massage and Bodyworking Therapist (#559343-08) currently living and working in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  Nancy recently moved to New Smyrna Beach from Asheville, North Carolina moving back to be closer to her Central Florida family and to live at the beach.


Nancy has specialized in deep relaxation therapeutic massage and prenatal massage; growing a  successful private practice business after graduating from The School for Massage and Natural Health, Asheville in May of 2008.  Her deepest desire is to live an authentic and fulfilled life and to support others in living theirs.


Nancy has been working professionally with the human body for over thirty years. She began with intense medical training and 17 years of professional experience as a Perfusionist with an open-heart surgical team in Florida.  In 1996 she left Florida and began exploring alternative methods for healing illness, started a meditation practice and worked with energy and sound assisting clients with deep physical and emotional releases. While working on all levels  of the mind/body and spirit, she recognized the value of deep relaxation and it's potential for healing which led her into a career in Massage Therapy.


Nancy was voted three years consecutively as one of the top 3 massage therapists in Western North Carolina, reflecting her love and commitment to her community and to her profession. Nancy brings this commitment to her new town of New Smyrna Beach, and the soon to be wellness community "The Mermaid and Her Fisherman."

For those seeking Massage Services in Asheville, NC:

Contact / Kristina Berkeley @ Sattva Massage & Botanicals

For more information or to make an appointment please email or call:

107 Asire Ct., New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32169  |  |  828.242.2798

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